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Welcome to my website. I’m David Monteiro, a Tour Guide or Tour Leader, as you prefer to call it.

This website showcases my work and is an ongoing project.

Here you’ll find information about subjects I typically discuss during the tours I lead.

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Sample entries:

National Park Peneda Geres

National Park Peneda Geres

National Park Peneda-Gerês, the only protected area in Portugal with National Park status. Two large areas are identified in the Park’s name: Peneda and Gerês. Each of these areas has several mountain ranges and different natural attractions.

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About David Monteiro

Welcome to the digital doorway of discovery! I can be your gateway to unforgettable adventures across the captivating landscapes of Portugal and Spain.

The objective of this website

This website aims to be a repository of my texts and photos, mostly related to the tours I’ve been leading.

You will find information about Portugal and Spain, the two regions I work in here.

You will also find articles about other countries such as Ireland, Cape Verde, etc.

Collaboration with other projects

Although I have a company (Iberactive), I’m always open to joining other projects, opening new destinations for client companies, or working with other travel agencies.

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Questions and answers

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Here you can find third-party posts related to Portugal, Spain, and other subjects.