A bicycle loop ride at the Quiberon peninsula, France

If you enjoy off the beaten path bike rides, this is probably for you.

The Quiberon Peninsula, located in the Britany region, is not widely known as a tourist destination. In fact, it is not known at all.

I was looking on France’s map to find a beautiful place for a short bicycle ride, between the Loire Valley and Brittany. The peninsula shape caught my eye.

In the past, the bay of Quiberon was the stage for several naval battles, of which, in 1759, the British naval forces won a decisive battle of the Seven Years War between France and the UK.

More recently, this peninsula was related to sardine fishing and canning.

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This small peninsula does not have a pre-established bike path to follow, up to my knowledge, at least. So, I had to create my route.
It was not difficult to design a bike route here from scratch, due to the peninsula’s configuration and because it is a small area.

As you can expect, sea landscapes dominate the bike ride.

The peninsula is far from being completely flat, although the ups and downs are not too severe.

Being a peninsula, we started and ended at the connection point of the peninsula with the mainland.

The starting point was a beach area facing north.

Many kite surfers were at the beach enjoying the strong and constant winds. It’s beautiful to see the many kites flying over our heads.

Later I learned that most probably was a Kitesurf school practicing.

Our first stop for coffee was at Portivy, at the harbor. Lovely village with nice bars and restaurants.

The north coastal area, where we were, is naturally windier.

Porz Guen and Port Bara are two beaches facing west. Although not as windy as the ones facing north, where the kitesurfers were, due to the harsh weather, these beaches still require some courage to stay here for a bath or even to hang out.

The more extensive beach and the crowded one is the “La Grande Plage” at the town, facing south.
Here you can get the touristic side of the peninsula.

The eastern side of the peninsula is quieter but also with beautiful beaches.

Probably because being quieter, it seemed to me that it was in the eastern area where I saw more expensive houses.

At last stop at the “Port Haliguen Quiberon” area, I saw what I was missing: the marina.

The marina is away bigger than what I imagined.

It’s also an excellent area for lunch with an ocean view and not as windy as the western coast.

Was a 35Km bicycle ride, with 350m of elevation gain and 300m of elevation loss, a nice bike ride to stretch your legs.

I get to be very happy when I design a tour, only based on research and everything goes very well, and fortunately usually happens like this.

Have fun.

David Monteiro

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