Ham sandwiches with Serra cheese at Casa Guedes, Porto

Ham sandwiches with Serra cheese at Casa Guedes should be part of all tourist circuits in Porto. It is a fantastic experience.

By the way, these ham sandwiches are called in Portuguese: “Sandes de pernil com Queijo da Serra”.

Of course, I say it as a joke because I know there are those who do not like ham sandwiches, those that will not taste it because they are vegetarians or do not eat pork for any other reason.

At least visiting Casa Guedes and feeling the ambiance there, is a cultural and gastronomic experience that is worth knowing.

It will make you leave the most touristic area of ​​Porto and go to Praça dos Poveiros, where this snack restaurant is located, believe me, it already starts to pay off.

In this area, with a wide gastronomic offer, it simultaneously attracts locals and tourists and the result is a festive and very eclectic atmosphere.

Finally, it is undoubtedly the quality of this beautiful sandwich with its well-seasoned ham, the cheese to melt with the heat of the meat, and the sauce that smears our hands … naturally accompanied by a very cold beer, that gives the final and definitive touch to this whole cultural experience.

Location of Casa Guedes: here.

Have fun,

David Monteiro

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