Portwine, a unique experience

Tasting Portwine in the Douro Valley is one of the several unique experiences one can have in Portugal.

Undoubtedly the Douro Valley is the best area where to taste Portwine because it here where its grapes grow, and the wine is produced.

However, in case you can’t go there, there is always the possibility of tasting it somewhere else. In this case, I suggest you do it with a professional.

What makes Portwine a unique experience?

I think several perspectives are contributing to this consideration.

The diversity of flavors

You can find many different Port wines.

In between the red, white, and rose port wines, you will get wines to pair with a wide variety of cheeses, chocolates, or nuts.

Take the red Portwine, for instance.

You will get two very different wines: the ruby and the tawny.

The ruby is dense in color, aromas, and taste. On the other hand, tawny is lighter in color, more profound in flavor, and smoother in aromas.

Do you agree?

Taste it and let me know.

To know the production method

We appreciate more what we know, and Portwine is no exception.

Learning about its production method will get us closer to enjoy this wine fully.

By knowing how to produce these wines, we get to know, among other details, that the sweetness one can find in this wine to be natural and not from added sugar.

Maybe the best way to get introduced to the Portwine production method is by joining a wine cellar guided visit.

However, there are many low-quality Portwine guided cellar visits. Select a reputable Portwine brand and go directly to the source where you will find professionals conducting the visits.

The history of the Douro Valley

The Douro Valley has a fascinating history.

This history started before the demarcation of the area as a wine region in 1756.

In its past, you will find impressive people such as Ferreirinha, the Baron of Forrester, Eça de Queiróz, and many others. All illustrious characters of Portuguese history.

To know more about the Douro Valley history will take you on a living novel.

The Douro Valley landscape

One can ask about the influence of the landscape on Portwine.

Naturally, there is no direct relation.

However, when we drink this fortified wine in the region where it grew and was produced, we will have a much deeper connection with it.

Enjoying the landscape during the tasting will complete the sensation of what this wine is all about.

Tasting Portwine can be an excellent, unforgettable experience when conducted by a professional, just a brief, pleasant memory when in-between friends and family, or a less pleasant memory when lead by an amateur. Your option.

David Monteiro

the diversity of flavors
you can get red, white or rose Portwine
the production method
learning about its production method will get us closer to fully enjoy this wine.
the history
to know more about the Douro Valley history will take you on a livivng novel
the landscape
the opportunity to taste Portwine while in the Douro Valley will improve your travel experience

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