Walk the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland

The Gap of Dunloe, in Irland, the name of the place reveals a little about what we can expect here, a gap or an opening in a winding valley.

What the name does not reveal, and is unexpected, is the beauty you can experience here, and how photogenic the valley is.

To get to the Gap of Dunloe, I caught a boat at the Killarney area and crossed the lakes to Lord Brandon’s Cottage.

This is where the spectacular hike that took me across the valley to Kate Kearney’s Cottage began.

I walked the 12Km’s trail, but you can instead do it on a bike or using one of the traditional horse-drawn carts.

The walk is supposed to be done on the road, although, here and there, you can access the stream to appreciate different angles.

I was watching the cars driving here, not many cars were passing anyway.

It does not seem to be comfortable to drive on this road because it is quite narrow in several places. Also, I learned that car access is restricted at certain times.

I wanted to walk, but also to take some photos, always a dilemma.

Some thought was needed to decide which direction I should walk.

This route has a better view from the top to Kate Kearney’s Cottage.

Walking it like this, we get the landscape view with the various lakes ahead of us.

Sometime after the start of the walk, one of those horse-drawn carts passed by me, and the friends with whom I was walking convinced me to go up and there I went.

The idea may seem a bit “touristy,” but it turned out to be really spectacular.

I had no idea how fast these vehicles can go downhill.

Truth to be told, only by the hands of a professional one can avoid not crashing the cart.

The next day I returned to this valley.

I found the place wholly misty, and the wind made the pictures taken a painful experience.

My bare hands were about to detach from my body from the cold wind mixed with a fine rain that never ceased to punish me.

The lens and the camera got wet, and eventually, I gave up and went down to the pub.

At the end of the walk, was great to get to Kate Kearney’s Cottage pub.

After some local beers and a warm broth, there I was taking part in the lively local conversations.

I love this country.

David Monteiro