Via Ferrata Regina de Peramola, Catalonia, Spain

Via Ferrata Regina de Peramola, Catalonia, Spain

If there is a list of the most interesting via Ferrata in Spain, inevitably, Via Ferrata Regina de Peramola will be among the top places.

According to my records, I climbed this via Ferrata for the first time in 2007. Since then, I have had the opportunity to climb it several times with different groups until it was closed for legal reasons.

It is a via Ferrata classified as K4 on the Hüsler scale. This classification scale goes from K1 to K6 as maximum difficulty.

This via Ferrata has about 800m of equipment, ascending more or less 450m high, and takes up to 4 hours to accomplish.

For more technical details, I recommend visiting the website:

Making a summary of the various stretches, I list the points I find more attractive:

    • Excellently equipped. Although it is said to have been built in 1997, due to the type of equipment you can find on the walls, and the way is set up, I suppose it must have had maintenance and refit work done sometime in 2005/2006.
    • Difficult entry. The first “grab” is perhaps one of the most difficult of the entire via Ferrata, which is a brilliant thing. It has the purpose of setting a certain level of difficulty you will also encounter later, even though most of this Via Ferrata is not very difficult to climb.
    • Panoramic view. This via Ferrata is located on top of Oliana’s Damm and rises above many peaks in the region. This combination results in a magnificent panoramic view.
    • The suspension metal bridge. The suspended metal bridge is the ex libris of this via Ferrata. It is placed in a way that facilitates photography, and it becomes impossible to resist shooting some (many) photos.
    • The big wall. Is where the third section starts. It is a vertical wall, in fact, slightly inclined towards the side of the climber, which gives that right additional difficulty for this level of activity.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the via Ferrata Regina de Peramola is closed.

Apparently, it was set up part, or in whole, on private property without the owners have given permission to do so.

Let us hope that someday this problem will be solved, and the structure will return to collective enjoyment.

Have a great day,

David Monteiro