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Mateus Palace, Portugal

Casa de Mateus or Mateus Palace, Portugal

Casa de Mateus or Mateus Palace was built in the first half of the 18C and betraying the finishing touches of Nicolau Nasoni, this palace set in beautiful gardens on a vast farm is considered to be one of the finest examples of baroque civil architecture in Portugal.

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Castelo Mendo - Portugal

Castelo Mendo, Portugal

Built on the top of a hill at a point of great strategic significance, on the remains of earlier fortresses dating back to the Bronze Age and Roman times, Castelo Mendo is a historical village surrounded by walls that were rebuilt in the twelfth century at the orders of D. Sancho I.

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Castelo Novo - Portugal

Castelo Novo, Portugal

Built in the 12th century but badly damaged by the earthquake in 1755, the castle was described as “new” (novo) because another one already existed in the immediate vicinity, having been abandoned because it was inadequate for the region’s defence. This is how the village came to acquire the name of Castelo Novo.

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Castelo Rodrigo - Portugal

Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal

From its lofty hilltop position, the small village of Castelo Rodrigo looks down over the plateau stretching eastwards to Spain and northwards to the deep valley of the River Douro.

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