Bike path connecting Monção to Vila Nova de Cerveira, Minho, Portugal

This bike path connects Monção to Vila Nova de Cerveira, passing through Valença, in the Minho region.

I know there are plans to extend this bike path:

In this article, I only refer to the section between Monção and 3.5 km to the west of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

This bikeway has a total of 39.5 km in length and with 200m of descents/ascents.

It is always parallel to the river, without relevant changes in quota. That makes it accessible to most people who have some cycling habits, even if they are not great athletes.

As you get closer to Valença, you will need to go higher so that you can pass close to the Valença railroad bridge, but even so, none of the slopes are long or too difficult.

The bike path is widely used by different sportspeople and by people walking along the river.

To the west of the Valença’s road bridge, there is the Senhora da Cabeça Picnic Park. There, you can find a leisure area and also a restaurant with a terrace, an ideal spot for a light meal.

When we reach Vila Nova de Cerveira, the bike path continues for another 3.5 km, ending in a very odd area. I can only understand this end, hoping that one day this cycle path will continue west.

Suppose you choose to end up at the Leisure Park of Castelinho, on the riverside area of Vila Nova de Cerveira. In that case, you will not lose anything by not going the extra 3.5 km until the end of the cycle path.

The video in this article serves to show a little of the landscape and also the kind of terrain you can find on the bike path.

As can be seen, the terrain is made of dirt to no small extent, which, in my opinion, makes it necessary to use bicycles with tires that are not pure road tires.

I hope you have fun.

David Monteiro

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