Cycling around the Óbidos Lagoon, Portugal

I traced a bicycle route around the Obidos Lagoon to be done on the several sections of bikeways there and also using less known bicycle trails.

Up to my knowledge, there is no official bike path to circle the Lagoon fully.

Anyway, one can’t loop around the Lagoon because, in from of the ocean, it has an open exit to the sea.

If you circle the Obidos Lagoon coming from north to south, to the left, you will arrive at a specific place, and you will have to return because you won’t have ways to cross it, unless if your bike can swim.

I’m adding a Google Maps print screen so you can understand what I mean.

To participate in this adventure, I suggest you use a mountain or hybrid bicycle.

This lagoon is also a river estuary. The Obidos Lagoon has fresh water from small rivers but also receives some sea influence between tides.

The complete bicycle route is excellent, and I’m adding the trail marked on the map below.

Length: 51Km – Ascent/Descent: 200m

There are no dull moments, but a constant succession of different landscapes, kinds of terrain, and also some changes in difficulty levels at specific points.

I usually start my rides at Praia da Foz do Arelho. By the beach, taking the direction to the lagoon, you can find the start of the bike path.

After leaving the beach, you will pass in areas where few people go, from where you can almost see the entire length of the Lagoon.

Along this trail, we can see the habitat of the local birds. Because you will cross not frequently used paths, the birds do not fly away at the first noise.

Before you start, don’t forget to fill in your water bottle because it will take quite some time until you get to a place where you can refill it.

One of the things I like during this kind of adventure is to have a bar, a sort of a hidden place, where to stop for a drink. In this case, the bar is called Covão dos Musaranhos.

This pleasant bar is located in a more remote area of the Lagoon, which is a “for locals only” kind of place.

After a drink, or two, you can return to the trail again.

It will be straightforward to find the bike path. Just look along the lagoon in the direction of the sea, and you will find the cycleway.

It goes quite close to the water almost until the sea beach.

Whenever you get to the sea beach, you have done half of your route. The other half of the way is to return to the starting point.

Please don’t be disappointed about having to return on the same track. For sure, you see things differently only by having to look in a different direction.

The beach is called Praia do Bom Sucesso. Here you can find a nice restaurant called Rio Cortiço with an excellent view of the Atlantic – upadate: the mentioned restaurant is now closed but there are other places to eat,

During all this cycleway, there is almost no elevation gain because most of the route goes along the edges of the lagoon.

However, here and there, you can find some spots with technical challenges. For some people, it will be easy, but for some other people, it will be advisable to get off the bike for a few steps.

One way or the other it’s a beautiful bike trail, and I hope you will enjoy it.

David Monteiro

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