Escaroupim, Portugal, some days are forever

A day at Escaroupim, Portugal, and you will feel some days are forever.

Not too far from Lisbon, driving around 45 minutes north, you will find a tiny village called Escaroupim.
It sits at the left bank of the river Tagus, Tejo in Portuguese.

Escaroupim is one of the several “aldeias avieiras” along the river.

I guess you don’t know what an “aldeia avieira” is, but in a later article, I will explain.

At this traditional village, you can take a boat, and it will drive you through the several river channels where most of the birds go for their late afternoon bug meal … amazing scenario.

On top of all, we get to know more about the local birds with entertaining explanations.

It doesn’t matter if the day is cold or hot because the boats have covers to be used if needed.

What matters is the time of the day when you do the tour and sunset is king.

Get your camera ready because you never know when a bird or a horse will appear in front of you.

Yes, a horse.

I saw some horses with their feet on the water feeding on some grass, and they just appeared from nowhere after a turn.

Now you know: camera ready.

One of those experiences you can have far from the crowded areas, and you can also visit some small villages by the river called “aldeias avieiras”.

A day to remember.

David Monteiro

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