How to visit Lisbon, Portugal, in one day?

How to visit Lisbon in one day?

You know the answer: that is impossible.

However, what to do when a day is all the time we have to get to know Lisbon?

Naturally, the answer will have to do with your travel style. Please read: “What is your travel style?

Anyway, you might want to do the most you can with the available time.

My suggestion on how to divide your time during a one-day visit to Lisbon, considering splitting your day in the morning, afternoon, and after dinner.

In this post, meals or lodgings will not be mentioned. I will do it in another post.


So, let’s answer the question:  How to visit Lisbon in one day.


One monument visit: Jerónimos Monastery.

This monastery is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was built by King Manuel I in 1502.

It took about 100 years to be completed.

It is the maximum exponent of Manueline architecture, also known as the Portuguese Baroque.

One tasting: Pastéis de Belém.

As a result of the Liberal Revolution of 1820, in 1834, the convents and monasteries were closed.

It was in this context that a monk from the Jerónimos Monastery went to a nearby sugar refinery and ended up working there, producing the “pastéis de Belém”.

These “Pastéis de Belém,”  must be the better worldwide known Portuguese pastries.

Now you can select one of the possible walks bellows:

The first optional walk: Baixa and Chiado.

Baixa and Chiado are two typical neighborhoods or districts of Lisbon.

They are excellent representatives of the 18th and 19th centuries of Portuguese society.

Please check: Suggested walk in Lisbon and its map – 1 of 2

The second optional walk: Alfama and São Jorge Castle.

Alfama is a medieval district and has been inhabited since the foundation of Lisbon. It is here where you can find the oldest buildings. 

Walking through the narrow streets of Alfama and observing its inhabitants is to know the most typical side of Lisbon. 

Please check: Suggested walk in Lisbon and its map – 2 of 2

Note: using a city map will help you making sense of all these names I’m mentioning.


Having walked in the morning, for the afternoon I will suggest more cultural moments.

I suggest visiting the Museum of the City and the Oceanarium.

Museum of the City:

The most common suggestion for a museum visit in Lisbon is the Museum of Ancient Art, or “Museu de Arte Antiga” in Portuguese.

However, I believe this Museum, being an excellent Museum, does not offer something unique to those visiting Lisbon.

Here you will find excellent pieces that could be found in any significant European Museum but not necessarily all Portuguese pieces.

So I suggest a visit to the City Museum.

A small museum, whose collection is not something extraordinary but has the particularity of having a genuinely Portuguese collection.


It is the second-largest aquarium in the world, which is by itself a sign of being something that you can hardly see elsewhere.

It is located at Parque das Nações, which is an ideal area for a late afternoon beer and to end the active day.

After dinner

The visit to the city will not be complete without a stroll through the area of nightlife where you can have a drink and hear some music.

Of course, there are several areas in the city where this may happen.

Still, without complicating too much the explanation, I would say that it is in the Bairro Alto where you can find more diversity of bars.

Personally, I love the bar “Pavilhão Chinês” (Chinese Pavilion), one of the most beautiful bars I know.

Well, I hope you will find this useful.

Let me know your thoughts and have fun.

David Monteiro

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