Laginha at sunset, Mindelo, Cape Verde

Laginha Beach, located in Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde, isn’t just another beach destination—it’s an experience, especially at sunset.

Amidst the golden hour, there’s an undeniable allure that captivates visitors.

Laginha beach, Mindelo Cape Verde
Laginha beach, Mindelo Cape Verde

Laginha at sunset

Forget the clichés; the magic of this beach at sunset is palpable.

An inexplicable sensation envelops you as the warm waters gently lap against the shore and the sun gracefully dips behind Mount Cara.

The promise of post-swim drinks only adds to the enchantment.

Google “Laginha” and you’ll be inundated with images, though most capture its splendor in daylight.

But it’s at sunset when this beach truly shines.

The beach is serene as the day’s warmth gives way to a gentle coolness, and the relentless wind relents, offering moments of tranquil stillness.

Gather your friends and family

Groups of locals, seemingly rooted to the spot, epitomize Laginha’s carefree spirit. Life unfolds before them, oblivious to the outside world.

Meanwhile, from the shoreline, the twinkling lights of nearby terraces beckon, signaling the start of an evening filled with fried moray and ice-cold beers.

Simple pleasures

Indeed, Laginha epitomizes life’s simple pleasures—a reminder that amidst the chaos, there are moments of pure bliss waiting to be savored.

And as the sun sets over this idyllic beach, casting a warm glow over its sands, one can’t help but feel grateful for such moments of serenity in an ever-changing world.


Laginha Beach in São Vicente, Cape Verde, resonates with vibrant music.

Local musicians infuse the air with rhythmic beats and soulful melodies, reflecting the island’s rich musical heritage.

From traditional morna to lively coladeira, the sounds of São Vicente add to the beach’s allure, creating a harmonious atmosphere.


Have fun,

David Monteiro