Torrija at Bailara Restaurant in Bidania - Basque Country, Spain

Torrija is the Spanish name for French toast.

Like any other dish, you often find it nicely done.

However, on rare occasions, you will find it superbly done, and that is what this post is all about.

One of the hotels I often visit while guiding tours is the Iriarte Jauregia, and here you can find the Restaurant Bailara where Enrique Fleischmann is the Chef.

About the hotel, I promised to write about it in another post.

Many will think: What is so special about a French toast?

Well, is this Torrija that is special.

Instead of regular bread, they use an award-winning brioche bread soaked in a custard cream and grilled, not fried.

Can you see the amber and yellow pearls?

They are all done manually one-by-one.

The yellow pearls have a base of egg yolk dropped into a warm syrup, so they will cook gently.

About the amber pearls, they have syrup base, dropped into a cold cooking oil to crystallize without getting stuck with each other … just perfect.

The result is a French toast with a perfect structure, tasty, not too sweet, not fat, and crunchy.

While you are chewing, you may have a very mild caramel flavor from the amber pearls …. ooooohhh the heaven exists 🙂

Enjoy it … I know I will 🙂

David Monteiro