Walking on the Lousã's aqueduct, Portugal

Water was always one of the most precious resources in the world, and at the Lousã hills, it is no different.

In this specific case, water’s value shows itself by the power it has to produce electricity.

Having water falling from a certain height, you can produce electricity, so a small aqueduct was built.

This aqueduct allows water to flow along the valley with not much elevation loss until it reaches a pipe connected to the power station down bellow.

You can walk on the aqueduct.

A beautiful two miles aqueduct in the middle of the valley where one can walk.

How to access to the aqueduct? It’s not too easy, but I can think about two ways to do it:

    1. Starting from Senhora da Piedade (Lousã) it’s possible to find a single trail that will take us to a small village called Talasnal. At this village, we can taste a little cake called Talasnico e find the path down to the aqueduct walking towards down the valley. The path will last for (+/-) 150m, and after that, it will be walking across the bushes. Always walking down, you can not miss the aqueduct, and after finding it is to follow it until the trail that will take us back to the starting point.
    2. There is an entrance to the aqueduct from the EN236 road at N40° 05.470′ W8° 12.814′. From Lousã, you can take a cab until the spot, find the aqueduct and walk back.

Have fun.

David Monteiro

Walking on the Lousã's aqueduct, Portugal
Walking on the Lousã's aqueduct, Portugal
Walking on the Lousã's aqueduct, Portugal
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