Here you will find reviews from direct clients but also from people I meet leading tours for other companies.

You may find some reviews with erased sections. On those sections, email, postal addresses or full was written and is my intention not to hurt my guests privacy.

It is not possible to insert here all the reviews I get throughout the years. I apologize in advance if you can’t find a review you might have done in the past.

David, you are an extraordinary guide, and an expert on your beloved country. Though I had traveled to Portugal before, I feel like this time, through your eyes, words, enthusiasm, knowledge, energy and joyful spirit, I was able to really get to know Portugal. Your organizational skills and attentiveness to all participants made it one of the top trips of my life. You created an atmosphere where you blended the goals of the individuals with your goals for sharing your country, its beauty, wonder and richness. Anyone - even those who are well travelled - who is lucky enough to travel with you will have wonderful memories filled with new experiences. Thank you, I highly recommend travel with you. With warm wishes,

Hi, David, I don’t have Internet at home yet, but wanted to let you know while I’m having dinner in a restaurant with WiFi that Tiago was great on Thursday! He was cheerful, completely professional and utterly trustworthy from the very beginning. All the basics of an exemplary guide/ driver. This pick-up and ride to my new city after an 11+ hour flight was the part I was most stressed about (especially being very, very, profoundly tired), until I met Tiago. Not everyone can be in charge without being domineering, but somehow Tiago walks that line perfectly. Please thank him for me. I would recommend him, and your business, to anyone. Such quality service all round. Thank you!