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Alheira or farinheira, two Portuguese sauseges.

During the tours I guide, we often talk about Portuguese cuisine and what to eat that is really unique in the country.
Naturally, among other delicacies, we talk about alheiras and farinheiras, two different sausages you can only find in Portugal. We talk about their origins, differences, and ways to eat them.

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Mateus Palace, Portugal

Casa de Mateus or Mateus Palace, Portugal

Casa de Mateus or Mateus Palace was built in the first half of the 18C and betraying the finishing touches of Nicolau Nasoni, this palace set in beautiful gardens on a vast farm is considered to be one of the finest examples of baroque civil architecture in Portugal.

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Cod or codfish in Portugal

Codfish, or simply cod, is a significant icon of Portuguese gastronomy. Why? Which cod dishes are the most popular? Why do the Portuguese consume so much cod, and how did it all start?

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